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If you are looking for an attractive, low maintenance alternative to higher maintenance flower beds then decorative aggregates could be the answer. You can choose from a wide range of colours and materials including slates, beach pebbles and natural stones.

6 reasons to use

aggregates in your garden

Save time

By using aggregates you can reduce the amount of time spent mowing a lawn or tending to flower beds, allowing you to relax and enjoy your garden.

Save cost

The cost of aggregates can be a lot less when compared to landscape-based projects. You will also save on plant food, lawn seen and fertilizer.

Flexibility and design possibilities

You can use aggregates just about anywhere, on a driveway, a path, plant pot or flower bed, the only limit is your imagination.

Low maintenance

Once laid, normally with a membrane underlay, maintenance is almost non-existent, apart from pulling up the occasional weed. Aggregates have become a popular way of adding colour and a pleasing aesthetic to gardening.

Wide variety

The choice of colours is almost endless, allowing you to integrate them with any type of garden. There are different types of aggregates including large natural stones to small multi coloured pebbles.

Easy to use

You don’t need any skills for laying aggregate, it’s easy to do yourself. Sometimes it’s best to lay a membrane before the aggregate to stop the majority of weeds coming through. When planting make an x shaped cross through the membrane but keep the incision as small as possible to match the plant size. After planting, lay the flaps of membrane back down around the base of the plant, making the seal as tight as possible. Avoid cutting out any fabric to minimise the chance of weeds coming through. However, to make planting as easy as possible just place potted plants on top of the membrane. You can then rearrange your planting display whenever you like.

For small areas it’s easy to transport the aggregate in bags by hand. For large areas it can be delivered by the ton and moved via a wheelbarrow. For a relatively small amount of work the results can be stunning.

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  • Scottish Pebbles
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Stamco Building Supplies offer a wide range of aggregates and our experts can advise on the most suitable solution for your garden.

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