Sandstone Paving Raj Premium Select – 20.7m2 Contractor Pack

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Raj Blend comes in two varietys. Calibrated and Premium Select. Whether you chose Calibrated or Premium select, the appearance of the slabs will be the same. The difference is the thickness off the product.

Premium Select paving slabs have not been through a calibration process therefore the slabs vary in thickness between 17 and 22mm. This is why this style of product is slightly cheaper than calibrated. Premium Select slabs are ideal if you are working to a budget, and/or you aren’t worried about your project taking slightly longer to lay.

Raj Blend Classic Sandstone Paving – Part of the character of natural sandstone paving is that no two stones are coloured the same. However, when combined they create a rich tapestry of colour to make a beautiful overall hue. Seasonal changes can often bring a differing perspective to the reflected colours of the stone. In strong summer sunlight a natural sandstone patio will appear to have less colour variation, whilst after rain the colours will have a deep patina.

This brown & green natural sandstone paving slab with grey highlights has a time worn riven surface & hand cut edges. Calibrated for easier & more cost effective laying.



20.7m2 Contractor Pack (Crate)

900mm x 600mm (17 pieces)

600mm x 600mm (17 pieces)

600mm x 290mm (18 pieces)

290mm x 290mm (19 pieces)

71 paving slabs per pack
71 pieces (Crate) cover approximately 20.7m2 based on a typical jointing gap of 7-14mm.


Forward planning will undoubtedly save you time later on in the project. Having chosen your Pavestone product we suggest you take a piece of paper and mark the outline of the area to be paved. Try to design your project to incorporate sizes of paving that will eliminate the need for too much cutting. This plan will be a useful guide both when ordering and laying. When constructing, remember that when building a patio or path close to a house it is important that the finished paving level is at least two brick courses (150mm) below the damp course. Always provide a ‘fall’ to drain water away from buildings (a gradient of 1:40 is usually sufficient).

Some of the tools you will need in undertaking a project :- Rake, shovel, tape measure, bricklayers trowel, tamper, spirit level, wheelbarrow, string lines, soft brush, timber straight edge, mixing board, mallet or hammer and a bucket.

Site Preparation

Preparing the ground for paving depends upon site conditions and the intended use of the paved area. If your ground is firm, you probably need only remove the turf and topsoil to a depth to accommodate the 30-40mm sand bed plus the slab and mortar thicknesses. If the subsoil is wet or spongy you need to dig out much deeper to put in a stabilising layer (approx 100mm) of well compacted hardcore (often called MOT, scalping, crushed hardcore) before laying the sand bed, again allowing for 30-40mm of sand plus the slab and mortar thicknesses. In reality, few areas are already level enough for immediate paving, so some areas need to be excavated whilst others need to be made up with compacted hardcore. The use of hardcore helps ensure adequate site drainage, which is a prerequisite for paved areas.


Examples below are a guide line only and depending on ground conditions, intended usage and the type of paving to be laid may be subject to alterations:

  1. Most garden situations – light pedestrian use, solid established ground: Bed of mortar on 30 or 40mm compacted sharp sand
  2. Heavy domestic use – to take heavy mowers, support planters, maybe on less stable or wet ground: Bed of mortar on 30 or 40mm compacted sharp sand on 100mm compacted hardcore.
  3. Terracotta Tiles and Natural Stone – Use 25mm wet mortar bed on 30 to 40mm compacted sharp sand (note that a hardcore foundation as per b) may be required according to ground conditions)
  4. Car driveways – Block Paving is recommended rather than paving stone. However if Paving Stone is to be used then this should only be undertaken using a 100mm wet concrete bed on a suitably compacted hardcore base.


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